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Friday, October 16, 2009

Leeming Journey Begins

The Leeming Journey has begun.

After months of preparation we are finally on our way to Darwin for our third crack at the World Solar Challenge.  I guess our challenge officially started on Tuesday when Keith Hedgeland our resident Photgrapher, Rally Driver and Long Haul Bus Driver headed toward Darwin in the school bus with solar car trailer in-tow.  At last report  (Thurs Evening) Keith was seen heading East from Fitzroy Crossing toward Halls Creek.  The bus and solar car trailer are travelling well with only one small altercation with a Kangaroo just outside of Newman.  The rest of the team will join Keith in Darwin on Sunday but the meeting will be brief as Keith will fly back to Perth and then meet the team again in Adelaide in 16 Days time to drive the bus back to Perth.

Prior to the cars departure the team has been busy modifying the car which has involved  construction of a new front array, including gull wing door, modifying swing arms to suit new treaded tyres and installing new Lithium Iron Phospate batteries and telemetry equipment.

Of course there are many other activities that are associated with a challenge of this nature, team members packing camping and cooking equipment continuing fundraising efforts and modifying trailers.

New sponsors to the team this year include Murdoch University, Myer, Local Drug action groups, Siomar Battery Engineering, Hella, Bull Creek Lions, Corporate Express, AST Australia.  I would also like to mention our ongoing sponsors, Leeming SHS Parents and Citizens, Ayres Composite Panels, Engleland, Communications Australia, Avocado Imagery and Signpoint.  Plus all of the local businesses, parents and supporters who have donated prizes and equipment to help us raise funds.

Adelaide here we come!

Stay tuned for more updates.

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