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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ready to go!

Friday and Saturday Oct 23 and 24.

The last two days have seemed to Blur into one .

We finish rebuilding the battery pack and in a couple of hours we are ready to do some laps.

Tom laps and on his second lap after being baulked by another solar car travelling slower than him he slows and the car stops. We have to tow back down the drag strip and across the track at the end of the pit lane. Peter S helps us by clearing the track so we can cross.

We find the problem, an Anderson connector that has not been pushed in firmly has worked its way loose with vibration. Phew and easy fix. We do some more laps, we are happy with the car's performance and we set up ready to go tomorrow.

Sat. Tom, Doug and I get to the track around 7:30 the other drivers arrive at 5 to 8 and we go to the driver briefing. 8:45 Peter S walks past I say we are ready. He says get your driver in and go, we do.

We sit at the end of the pit lane waiting for our partnered car but it doesn't show so Trent ends up going round the track by himself. Leeming is first on the track and Leeming is the first car to Qualify and be registered for the World Solar Challenge. For the rest of the day we charge the batteries and pack up.

During the day Aurora posted the fasted lap and whilst trying to beat them Unicore from Belgium slides their car off the track and breaks the front suspension. We hear later in the day that they fix their car but have another crash trying to beat Aurora's time. This is rumour passed on by the Nuna team. We will confirm this morning on the grid.

It is currently 5:00am many team support crews staying here have already left we will take the car to the start grid at 5:30am.

Adelaide here we come.

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