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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pride of Twente starts from pole position in thrilling race Down Under

Darwin, Twente - 15 oktober 2011

Qualification time of 02:02:20 gives Solar Team Twente ‘pole position’

Pride of Twente starts from pole position in thrilling race Down Under

After a tense qualification session, Solar Team Twente has snatched pole position in the World Solar Challenge. For the team, it it is best qualification result ever. All preparations for the race have been completed and the team is ready for the 3000 kilometre race through the Australian Outback. The race starts tomorrow 08.30 hr Australian time (01:00 hr Dutch time). Having completed all tests, the technical examination and the qualification, the weather now poses the greatest challenge

The qualification for the World Solar Challenge 2011 happened Saturday morning on the Hidden Valley racetrack near Darwin. The participating teams, around 30 in total, were allowed to drive just one lap (one for warming up, the second full throttle). The team from Twente has waited patiently and was allowed to decide for themselves when to enter the track, as long as there would be no other cars. The team subsequently managed to perform a lap time of 2 minutes and 2,20 seconds. Team leader Siebe Brinkhof is content: ‘The team was nervous but with racing driver Jens Hegeman behind the wheel of the 21Connect we have accomplished the best possible result. We have to remain calm however: it’s a race where anything can happen. Together with weather expert Helga van Leur, the team now has to challenge the greatest uncertainty: the weather. We even expect rain.

The top 5 starting ranks after qualifications: 1) Solar Team Twente - 02.02.20 2) Nuon Solar Team - 02.02.50 3) Michigan - 02.03.01 4) Sunswift - 02.04.33 5) Tokai - 02.07.77.

Preparation race and the convoy

Solar Team Twente leaves tomorrow with a convoy of 12 cars. At the front, there is the weather car, the scout and the escort car. Next comes the solar car 21Connect and after the solar car drives the DMU (Decision Making Unit), a bus where all important decisions are made. Escort + 21Connect + DMU are called the ‘racing convoy’. Behind the bus drive the cars with the mechanics and the electro technicians. Thereafter comes the media car, the car with the photographer, the film crew from Saxion and the film crew of RTL. Last on is the truck with among other the tents for the camp and the workshop.

The team is well prepared for the long stay in the Australian Outback. Aylin Knepper: ‘We can only go to a supermarket once, in Alice Springs. We have 1000 liter water, 60 loaves of bread, 20 kilogram cornflakes, 30 liter life milk, 10 kilogram chocolate spread, 300 muesli bars and 300 packages potato chips. At the finish in Adelaide, family members and the partners from Twente, among which Grolsch, so we are motivated to reach the finish line!

Follow the team

This afternoon 15.45 hr the Dutch channel RTL 7 broadcasts the qualification of Solar Team Twente. During the World Solar Challenge in Australia the team from Twente provides news messages, blog items, tweets, photos, videos and their app. RTL Z will daily broadcast a program with weather expert Helga van Leur and Reinoud Broekhuijsen. More info on www.solarteam.nl

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