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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Aurora: 27 September, Day 3

The airport forecast for Alice Springs says clear, and the forecasts for the northern and western districts say fine and sunny.

We had 10 minutes of charging this morning before the sun disappeared behind the only cloud in the sky. By 7:00, the entire sky was filled with clouds.

We left our overnight stop at 8:07, and headed off at 95km/h. Our battery is over 60% full, which will help us get through the cloudier conditions over the next couple of days.

By 8:50, the end of the clouds was in sight. We sped up to 100km/h.

We came out from under the clouds at 9:50, and slowed to 95km/h to recover some of the energy we used getting beyond the clouds.

At 10:30 we passed the Michigan truck. We are now sitting right behind Michigan. We are both doing 95km/h.

Michigan appear to be slowing. At 11:10, we passed them and resumed travelling at 95km/h. Soon afterwards, we increased our speed to 100km/h.

At 12:20, about 100km from Cadney, we slowed back down to 95km/h. This is the sunniest part of the route, and a good opportunity to get some more energy into our battery for tomorrow.

We arrived at the Cadney control point at 13:22. Nuna were long gone. Michigan arrived 7 minutes behind us. TIGA arrived just as we were getting ready to leave.

For the rest of the afternoon, we ran at 95-100km/h.

At 16:00, the clouds started rolling in from the west. We are not going to get a full charge tonight. We slowed to 95km/h, to allow the charge to build up while we are driving.

We stopped at Bon Bon for the night. It has almost everything we could want---toilets, water, shelter, picnic benches. The only thing missing is our big trailer, which stopped 50km north of Coober Pedy with a blocked fuel line. But it is on its way, and should be here just before dark.

The western sky is now very cloudy. The forecast for northern South Australia is for morning showers. The forecast for Adelaide in the afternoon is for rain and possibly small hail. Tomorrow will be interesting.