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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Greenfleet: Greenfleet Class show cases fuel efficient technology and low carbon fuels

The Greenfleet event showcases emerging and fuel efficient technology for cars. We monitor each vehicle?s fuel consumption between Darwin and Adelaide being a journey of nearly 3,500 km.

The Greenfleet class has a range of vehicles entered which include hybrid petrol engines, Honda Insight and Honda Civic Hybrid, diesels, Smart Car (2 seater), Peugot 307 (1.6L) and a Holden Astra, a conventional petrol engine Mitsuibishi Colt, a Toyota Landcruiser running on biodiesel made from Canola Oil, a 1925 Austin running on ethanol produced from sugar cane and last but not least, an electric car entered by the Anesley College.

Each day we refuel each car and monitor the kilometers and the distance traveled. After each refueling we seal the tanks with security tape. Its very tricky tape which leaves a nasty ?security? print on the car when its removed. What is important for this class is the average fuel consumption over the journey not who gets there fastest. Its not a race.