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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Leeming Sungroper: Sept 25 - Update

Andrew passed on the news for the first day.

Leeming Sungroper traveled at about 40-45km/h until they had used up half their batteries, at which point they discovered that in fact they had used up all their batteries :-( Unknown as to why at this point - possibly they were not fully charged before the race, possibly there is some problem with them.

After that they traveled on solar power alone (at about 20km/h) until late in the day when they had to pack up the car and trailer forward in time for the 4pm close of the Katherine control stop (which they arrived slightly late for, but the closure time had been extended to 5pm due to clouds).

All up they traveled 170km under their own power, and are now camped in or around Katherine.

Andrew leaves now, and I've told Doug to phone me with news whenever he has coverage so I can pass it along to the list.

Congratulations to Leeming Senior High School and all the team of Leeming Sungroper on their first 170km traveled under race conditions - a very good effort!

Enjoy, Peter.