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Friday, September 30, 2005

Greenfleet: It's a technology trial not a race.

The Greenfleet event is not a competition but provides an opportunity for manufacturers and others such as vehicle financing companies to show case their fuel efficient products. Even so, its interesting to watch the teams hang around the fuel pump as their perceived competition fills up. I noticed one team?a glint of delight when they realized that the team after them had used more fuel during the day, but their delight quickly faded when we reminded them that the second team had done a side trip to the Mattaranka Springs so litre for litre comparison did not makes sense. The fun continues.

Most of the teams are driving the cars to maximize fuel efficiency. This means they are traveling at between 70 -90 km per hour in zones where speed is unlimited. As a group traveling reasonably fast but just not fast by Northern Territory standards where speeds over 160km per hour are not unusual. The Northern Territory is the only state in Australia where these high speeds are tolerated without penalty so perhaps the slower speeds are more indicative of Australian conditions on the whole.