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Saturday, September 24, 2005

RBGAN Internet Cafe: Sat 24 Sept. Time Trials

Today was just a great day. We arrived early and set up the cafe, and were instantly approached by teams wanting internet access. It was so interesting being in the pits with all the teams, having an opportunity to see the solar cars up close. Although it is a race, and there can only be one winner, the sheer beauty in the engineering of some of these machines has to be seen to be appreciated, and all the cars are a credit to their respective teams. Watching the time trials was the first time I had seen the cars running, some of them with almost alien sounds, and it was a great thrill. There was, however, work to be done, and one task was to hand out RBGANs to four teams who would be using these as their own internet access. These teams will be doing their own Blogs on this site, and should provide some interesting reading. As I watched the trials, I saw the MIT entry roll while doing approximately 70 Kmh. It was great to hear the driver is OK, and to see that the team was able to fix the car and qualify for the event. Time trials finished about 2PM, and the teams immediately packed up in preparation for the next day, which left us to do the same. We arrived back at the hotel just after the first bounce of the AFL Grand Final. We were two of the very few Swans supporters in a decidedly pro-Eagles bar, but the atmosphere was fantastic, and we watched possibly one of the best Grand Finals of the last 20 years.