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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Aurora: 29 September, Day 5

We had a meal at local pub, and spent the night in cabins at a nearby caravan park, out of the cold weather.

At 6:00, we were back at the finish of timing, charging the car for the final drive into the centre of Adelaide.

We are in no particular hurry now. We left the finish of timing at about 8:30, and drove the final 20km into the city.

About a kilometre from Victoria Square we parked our support vehicles and piled into the WSC bus, which led the solar car to the finish line. The new finish procedure worked well---the entire team were together as we crossed the line, where we were cheered in by a large crowd (mainly Dutch!)

We will be in Victoria Square until Sunday afternoon. If you are in Adelaide, come and see us.

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