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Thursday, September 22, 2005

RBGAN Internet Cafe: Thurs 22 Sept. Day 1

Opened the Cafe at 8 AM, and had a few interested people pass by. Most enquiries were about email, but we were able to help one team out by downloading a required solar panel specification sheet. There was a lot of interest by journalists, and team media/PR people about using our facility to send stories and pictures back home. There were many comments about how this had been achieved in the last few years over 2.4K Iridium connections, or similar. Today was fairly quiet, as most teams had scrutineering, and thus had their thoughts occupied elsewhere. The next couple of days, and especially when we start down the highway, should prove more hectic!

Incidentally, At the cafe we have approx 25 cases of water, and although we?ve been going through it ourselves, there?s plenty there. Feel free to drop by, use our cafe, have a chat about the equipment we?re using, and take some free water.