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Monday, September 26, 2005

RBGAN Internet Cafe: Mon 26 Sept, Day 2 of race

With all our computers, phones and RBGAN?s batteries recharged we took the opportunity to hit the road early. We left the hotel at 06:10 with a warning to watch for roos at this time of day and we should be in Tennant Creek by midday, some 669klms away. After an hour and a half we stopped for breakfast and fuel at Larrimah, before we were back on the road again. We passed a number of the solar cars on the trip, and they were all making good speed. We arrived in Tennant Creek just before our intended time of 1PM, and found ourselves a shady position, but then found we couldn?t get a decent signal strength, so we had to move out into the hot, unshaded, carpark. Once there we set up for business, but there were few takers as the field had spread out so much, and the majority of the field had already passed the control point, although when we presented ourselves at the control point , we were told, ?Everyone?s been looking for you!? It seems our service has become integral to some of the teams operations. At about 4PM, we drove out of Tennant Creek looking for a ?Welcome to Tennant Creek? sign for the obligatory PR photo, and then returned to town to set up for the evenings Greenfleet display at the Civic Centre. The display went well, and we had a few enquiries from prospective purchasers, as well as a couple of WSC observers taking advantage of the opportunity to do some web surfing