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Sunday, September 25, 2005

RBGAN Internet Cafe: Sun 25 Sept, Race day

The cafe hit the road early in order to be set up at the Katherine control point before the first cars arrived. We had just completed setting up as the first solar car rolled into the control point, and they had started about 30 minutes behind us, so there is no lack of speed from these machines. Once again there was plenty of use of our facility by the teams and media. As the competitors cycled though the control point, there were many comments from spectators about the cramped conditions in the solar cars, and how the drivers would emerge from the cars saturated with sweat. We handed out plenty of water to the teams (especially the Koreans), and I have no doubt it will be well appreciated. With only 5 solar cars left to arrive, we moved to Ryan Park, on the north side of Katherine, for the arrival of the Green Fleet. We set up the cafe in a wonderfully cool spot in the shade of a tree. While business was initially slow things started to get excited when the cars started to arrive. We met a number of people who came out to the park expecting to see the solar cars only to be disappointed to find that they were not meeting at Ryan park and in fact had already left Katherine and were on the road again. We met up with Monty and Trevor from NT Computer Supplies, in Katherine, for dinner, and ?the best steak you?ll ever have?. I have to say that that claim was lived up to. The steaks at the Golf Club were wonderful.