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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Leeming SHS: Hammerhead Rolls again

The Part ordered for us by Mike (thanks heaps)arrived this morning on time as promised. I picked it up and then contacted James from tritium who said he would give us some soldering paste to help with the job. I leave doug with our observer, who is only temporary, to pick up our new observer who should be with us for the next stage. When I return doug is working on installing the chip. But now we have two observers so I have to return Peter who travelled with us for a stage in 2005. When I return Doug has finished the install and is chatting to Len who was also with us in 2005.

We install the battery safety system and Bingo it works There is much rejoicing.

We reinstall the driver control board and it works but sadly only briefly.

Doug stresses the board it works.

We have now stressed the board with a wire tie and it hasn't failed yet.

I have also purchased a keyboard which we may be able to strap to the centre console and use the up and down key to controll the motor.

I'm not yet sure how it's going to work but we'll try.

No matter what happens we are here again tonight as we have trailered here and are not allowed to set down a head of a car that hasn't trailered.

It's nice to have showers and toilets. By for now photos to follow.

JOhn Beattie
Leeming Senior High School Solar Car team.