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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Michigan: Race Update

Last night Michigan camped a little over 200 km north of Alice Springs and Continuum never had to pull over once. This was the first night since the accident that everyone could get a good night of sleep. It took Continuum just under 3 hours to reach Alice Springs this morning, which was treated as a normal control stop. This unfortunately means that we were not able to recharge our batteries like the Teams that arrived the day before. We should cross into South Australia this afternoon and will hopefully approach the Cadney Homestead Control Stop by the end of the day. At the border of the Northern Territory the speed limit drops to 110 kph, limiting the speed that Teams can cruise at. Because of the control stop everyone is only about 3 hours ahead of us on the road(more for total elapsed time). Consequently all other Challenge Class Teams should be dealing with the same weather so we should be able to catch up with a fair number of the Teams.