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Friday, October 19, 2007

Blue Sky: October 17th, 2007

After over two years of work, Blue Sky has officially registered in the Panasonic World Solar Challenge. We maneuvered our way through the small pile of paperwork and regulatory scrutineering. In the scrutineering check, the drivers were weighed in and ballasted up to the required amount, the mechanical systems were checked for safety and adherence to the regulations, and the batteries were weighed and sealed. The team came through with a clear pass ready to take on the dynamic tests on Saturday.

The rest of the day was filled with tuning and testing. All three drivers did laps around the track, testing top speed and maneuverability. The rest of the team got friendly with neighboring teams, exchanging tools back and forth, and swapping stories. There are a total of 6 Canadian teams at the event, the most from any one country.

The main local newspaper in Darwin came by and was intrigued enough by our car to highlight it in their coverage of the WSC. A few questions and lots of photos later they had a story, and we are looking forward to picking up the paper tomorrow.

Blue Sky