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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Blue Sky: October 19th, 2007

Hidden Valley Race-Way, Darwin

It’s 34 degrees and the pavement is hot. An official has been doing rounds warning teams not to venture out in the sun barefoot; and for the most part they listen. Having passed scrutinizing the team is now focused on the race start, and fine tuning the car for the dynamic testing tomorrow. Several laps reveal that the wheel covers need to be adjusted to fit properly on the car. It seems that under the intense heat both the car and the team are being stressed. Although the adjustments are minor Dmitri, Mitren, Chris, Amanda and Nimeesha work tirelessly throughout the day to get them working.

In the afternoon, some of the team venture into Darwin to find some parts for the car. The search is difficult but the team finds many helpful hands. In the end we find what we need and manage to get the parts at no cost. The race is a big draw for the community, and everyone has been extremely helpful getting teams ready for the big day. The team also returns to the pits with a copy of the Northern Territory News; the local newspaper in Darwin. Out of 43 local and international teams, they decided to print a story on us. There is a buzz in the shop. The article is posted on the wall for passers by to read.

Working with the sound of clanging wrenches and revving generators, the electrical team made up of Tom, Henry and Josh huddle in one corner of the pit bay over a computer. They spend the day seemingly lost in the mess of wires and meters as they try and find ways to get more power from the solar array. Shuttling between both groups, Amy and Ahthavan provide helping hands and clean tools to aid the efforts.

By the time the sun sets the electrical group has succeeded in raising Ceruleans input power by 10 percent. The gains will come in handy in tomorrow’s time trials. Soon after the fearings are complete and the team sits for a break. By now many other teams have gone home to rest, but some persist. The University of Calgary has been having problems, and some of the teams goes over to help; tomorrow is a long day.

Blue Sky