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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Leeming SHS: News from the front line

I just talked to Doug with the Leeming Hammerhead team. He believes he has resolved the motor controller problems they were having, but it sounds like they have blown a chip in their battery protection system. After some search for the chip (MC34063AB SO-8 DC/DC controller) it appears the only people who have it are Farnell, and it is very doubtful they will be able to find the chip in Alice Springs by 8am tomorrow.

They are planning to trailer to Alice Springs, swap in their lead acid battery back (taking the appropriate penalty) and restart the race with everyone at Alice Springs (this year it is a two stage race, so everyone starts together again at Alice).

Doug also said they had camped quite close to Willetton last night and Willetton has done about 180km solaring and say the car is behaving well and that they already have plans to come again next time.

Both teams appear to be having a great time on the adventure regardless of any set backs.

Enjoy, Peter.