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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Leeming SHS: Student Blog Day Three

Day 3 was an interesting one. It got off to a strange start with three certain individuals, sneaking into Ryan, Danyal and Kai's room at about 1:30. Danyal and Ryan were the first ones up in the room, and found their set of spare keys in the dryer, as well as all the furniture either upside down or in the microwave! There was also a shaving cream message sprayed on the window. It was quickly erased, but there were already many pictures taken to keep the memory. Kai was asleep.

When we finally all got up, we did the usual… Breakfast, meeting and off to Hidden Valley. Today, however, the year 10's and 11's (all male) were the ones to go. We worked on the car all morning. The reason for this, is because the year 12's all complained that we were taking far too long to make lunch YESTERDAY, so Mr Morgan forced them to make it today! They were even later than us, so there was a certain amount of karma at hand.

The year 12's took over the work, and the year 10's and 11's stuck around till 3 o clock. We then headed back to the apartments for our usual swim and mucking around. We were also approached by a random guy staying at the hotel, who kept daring us to jump off of a shelter into the pool, but we all chose to keep our lives. Also, Mr Beattie gave us a stern frown just to be sure. The guy didn't return, but the chairs and tables are still stacked up for some reason.

A brief run down of how the car went, how Hidden Valley was, as well as the first experience of driving the car, by Trent Rule from year 12.

Trent: "Hi my name is Trent, one of the three student drivers for the Hammerhead Solar Car. Today was my first real day at driving the solar car in a real life situation, and I have to say it is much more different than driving my car. You have no peripheral vision and cannot see anything in front of you for approximately 10 metres.

The car drove extremely well, as the steering is very direct, and it feels as if you are driving a large electronic go-kart. Accelerates extremely quickly and sits rather flat when cornering. The driving style is completely different to that of a regular car, as there is no accelerator pedal and everything is controlled by a small dial.

Day 3 in Darwin, and the year 12's, are surviving. Many good times have already been had and sleep is at an all-time low.

P.S: Beattie said he was happy today."

By Curtis Brand (Year 11) and Laura Pilsworth (Year 10)