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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Michigan: Continuum Accident

In the first hour of racing today, Continuum has had an accident. Spencer Bailey was the driver of Continuum, and aside from a small scratch on his leg, he is perfectly fine. After the Stanford Solar Car Team passed our Team, they stopped abruptly, causing our lead driver to stop, and Continuum to hit our lead vehicle.

As for the car, the concentrator canopy is cracked in multiple places and will be replaced with our spare. The front of the car will need to be repaired and the front solar modules replaced. There was also delamination seen in some of the front bulkheads.

The car is currently back at the test track in Darwin and will be repaired over the next day. At that point we will evaluate the condition of the car and decide whether it is safe to complete the race across the Outback. I will update you again on the status of the car after I speak to the Team in Australia later in the night.


Tom Carroll
Interim Project Manager