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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Michigan: From the pits

After picking up supplies to keep the team healthy and awake, I have stopped by to provide everyone with a quick update. Tonight will be a late night and we are currently installing new modules on the upper. The completed vehicle will be tested to ensure safety for the driver early tomorrow morning. We are confident the testing will prove the vehicle to be safe and able to continue down the Stuart Highway. Therefore we are treating tonight as any other race evening and will have our drivers in bed shortly. Tomorrow our race day will be begin bright and early with sunrise and we will have the car back on the road at 8am, the normal start time.

It is quite impressive to see the entire team come together immediately after the accident and all divisions have been helping with the repairs. Thank you all for your support. Brian passed it on to everyone at the team meeting and we look forward to an providing another positive update tomorrow.

As always,

Go Fast, Go Smooth, Go Blue!