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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Michigan: Technical Scrutineering Passed

After nearly two hours of testing and inspection, Continuum completed technical scrutineering at 4:00pm this afternoon. WSC officials walked the team through sizing tests, array inspection, driver weigh-in, egress tests, "on-road" inspection (turn signals & mechanics), electrical inspection, and battery inspection. As we rolled out of the Royal Darwin Showgrounds, everyone on Race Crew sighed with relief knowing that we had cleared this major milestone.

Above: scrutineering was held at the Royal Darwin Showgrounds

Above: WSC logo placement on Continuum's carbon fiber body

Above: Doug Lambert, Paula Harrison, and Spencer Bailey with the array between testing stations

Above: Nuon completing sizing and array scrutineering

Testing has continued at Hidden Valley with steady progress. Lap times are slowly decreasing and the engineers are practicing maintenance procedures between runs. When Continuum isn't running on the track, our electrical team is testing the array immediately outside of our garage.

Above: tire change practice between laps

Above: Continuum rolling onto the track

Above: Continuum returning to the garage after a successful run

Above: array team testing concentrators in the afternoon sun

Now that the race is just around the corner, we're starting to see some familiar faces join us at the shop in Hidden Valley. Greg Glenn from Spectrolab has joined our Race Crew in Australia for our trip through the Outback. Greg has played a significant role in the development of the concentrators and continues to help us work through last minute problems with this complex system. Chuck and Ann Hutchins arrived earlier this week for another race with Michigan. Considering Chuck's extended involvement in past races, it's hard to believe that this will be Ann's first trip across Australia for a WSC. Tim and Bob Allan will be working with our weather team again, this time using improved weather and communications equipment. Our faculty advisor, Bob Culver, will be arriving tomorrow afternoon after a brief travel delay. Alain Chuzel from Suncat Solar made a visit to the shop this afternoon to view Continuum's solar modules which he encapsulated at his shop in Tucson, Arizona. We even had a visit from Hans Tholstrup, mastermind and founder of the original World Solar Challenge in 1987.

Above: Chuck Hutchins looking at one of the spare mirrors

Above: Hans Tholstrup, WSC Founder

Tomorrow will be filled with more array testing, more track testing, and more maintenance training. We'll wrap the day up with a dinner at the sailing club with the entire Michigan crew including the Team, advisers, sponsors, parents, grandparents, and fans (a total of more than 40 so far!) The whole Race Crew is excited to race after today's scrutineering, we can't wait to hit the track at 6:45am tomorrow morning.

Go Blue!