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Monday, October 22, 2007

Michigan: Tennant Creek Control Stop

Continuum has just passed through Tennant Creek. The trip from Dunmarra was made without any stops along the way, indicating that the electrical repairs were successful! This control stop was only open for another 2 hours so Continuum arrived with perfect timing. So far this morning we have already passed around 10 teams!

Looking ahead, our weather crew told us that it is raining around Alice Springs. After the crash, water proofing was a concern so the engineers ensured that the car would not have any problems with rain during the Tennant Creek control stop.

Meanwhile, Jeff Ferman and Brian Ignaut have gone ahead to Alice Springs. They will work out how the Alice Springs Control stop will work for our Team after the set backs from the accident. Generally this stop is used as a halfway point where cars are able to recharge their batteries for most of Tuesday. Unfortunately due to the accident we will be arriving as the Challenge Class vehicles leave. We hope to gain some time after other Challenge Class vehicles leave to charge our batteries. More to come!

Go Blue!