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Friday, October 19, 2007

TAFE SA: Friday October 19th - DAY 7

working on the solar car

This morning, the RAA Kelly team took the solar car to the Darwin Show Grounds for scrutineering and team registration.
The main exhibition hall had a circuit of checking stations where scrutineers examined different aspects of the car.
These included measurements of the array area, weighing the car, drivers and passengers and checks on road worthiness, electrics and the batteries.
Our driver/passenger pairs were tested on their evacuation procedures.
All of our occupants were able to evacuate the car within the 14 second time limit, with one pair doing it in 4 seconds!
Overall, the scrutineers rated the car as excellent and we received a special commendation for the quality of the battery pack. In future, our battery pack will represent a benchmark against which other efforts will be judged.
The whole team would like to thank those responsible for designing and fabricating the battery pack.
In the afternoon, some of the team visited Charles Darwin University and in the evening we attended a reception at Parliament House as guests of the Chief Minister.
She thanked us for our participation and wished us luck.