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Monday, October 8, 2007

UNSW: 13 Days to Go

The second day on the road took us from Dubbo across the Queensland border to Charleville, a solid ten hour 800km drive. The day went smoothly and was generally uneventful the highlights including crossing the border into Queensland and the inevitable entertaining banter and trivia over the CB radio that seems to have become tradition on these WSC trips.

We were warmly welcomed to Charleville by the locals at the caravan park who were keen to see the solar car and full of questions. Everyone settled down to a good few hours work before bed, the electrical team working on the driver display, mechanical working on aerodynamics of the spats and the rest of the team occupied in various logistical, safety and media tasks.

newspics/Crossing the Boarder into Queensland-1191835765.jpg
Crossing the Border into Queensland

newspics/Evening Work in the Campsite -1191835767.jpg
Evening work at the Campsite