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Friday, October 19, 2007

UNSW: 3 Days to Go

This morning, we attempted to discover the reason for our top shell not sitting correctly, Simon adopting an unusual method or solar car diving. A tracker sitting on a stiffener was found to be to blame, and the stiffener in question as since been dealt with.

At midday, we took the car testing on the Arnhem Highway. Smithy and Yael drove, Smithy reaching speeds of 90km/h. The road was fairly rough, and where it crossed the open plains, the wind was quite gusty. In spite of these conditions, the car handled very well, which is another credit to our steering designer, Konny.

The winner of the National Engineering Week Essay writing competition, Jason from Waverley College, arrived today, unfortunately just as we finished our testing run. He has since been occupied making CAN connectors (who said anything about child labour?) but mostly he’s been occupied checking out the other teams, and how they’re going on the track. Tomorrow he’s been recruited as our cheer squad for the qualifiers.

newspics/Simons Alternative Driving Position-1192784511.jpg
Simon's Alternative Driving Position

newspics/Testing on the Arnhem Highway-1192784513.jpg
Testing on the Arnhem Highway