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Thursday, October 18, 2007

UNSW: 4 Days to Go

Today the canopy was painted green and gold, and permanently mounted. Clara’s steady hand came in handy (no pun intended) and the back was adorned with the boxing kangaroo, which we have unofficially adopted as our mascot.

The handling of the car after it had acquired fillets and 90kg of ballast was tested on the track. Both the handling of the car and it’s braking capability improved. Smithy has recorded our fasted lap time and best braking test, so he will be driving for the track qualifiers tomorrow. Our position in the qualifiers will determine our starting position for Sunday.

The heat has finally started to get to the team, and all of us were exhausted by early evening, so we headed home for a delicious dinner (again – thanks Jack), and an early night.

The engineer who signed off on the safety of our car, Tim Wardrop, arrived in Darwin today, and will accompany us on our testing run tomorrow. Fortunately, he might be a little bored, since there have been no major and very few minor mechanical issues.

newspics/Back of Canopy with Back of Kangeroo-1192784743.jpg
Back of Canopy with Boxing Kangeroo

newspics/Sunswift on Hidden Valley Raceway Track-1192784744.jpg
Jaycar Sunswift on the Hidden Valley Raceway Track