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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Leeming SHS: Student Blog Day 2

This blog written by students from Leeming Senior High School.

After the first night at the apartments, where we all stayed up to at least 11pm, we were forced to get up and be ready by 8am. After a quick meeting, the group was divided in 2, and 1 half went to Hidden Valley Raceway to finish testing and working on the car. The other half put in a tremendous effort into shopping at Darwin Central. The shops were almost completely empty and the air-conditioning in the shops made it almost bearable.

We headed back to the apartments where everyone (but some) pitched in to help make lunch, and tried to create a successful production line. We failed. The remaining team then took the lunches out to Hidden Valley, where we saw the car and realised that they have it worse than us in terms of heat. It was an eye-opening experience for those who hadn't been out there yet, as it soon become clear that the other teams had a massive monetary advantage. This meant that our trailer looked inferior compared to the massive 2 story trailer Michigan University had. The rest of the team were informed that there was more damage to the car than they originally thought.

For the next several hours we all wasted in the heat, and the car was taken for a test drive on the track. It was riddled with foreign teams, foreign solar cars and stupid questions from Kai. We were having a bit of understeer trouble, so half of the team headed back to the apartments to make dinner, while the rest stayed to work on the car. We decided dinner could wait, and ended up in the pool again. After the swim, however, we HAD to make dinner. Spaghetti Bolognese was on the menu. We all made our own dinner, and then "enjoyed" it in front of the televisions.

End of Day 2, and off to do our own thing.