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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Leeming SHS: Student Blog Day 4

Day four, and there were a few more occurrences today. Nothing happened to anyone overnight, apart from a few people who were rather sleep deprived. The usual team, however, headed down to Darwin showgrounds in the support vehicles, while the support team went down in the bus not long after. It was time for scrutineering.

When we got down to the showgrounds, Tom, Trent, Chris and Rhys all went into the main building to be weighed, measured and to present their proof of identification, so that they were recognised as the official drivers of the Leeming Hammerhead. The rest of us viewed from the balcony, watching some of the fully prepared vehicles going through for inspection. Some of the other cars were amazing, but some of the others were clearly having a bit of trouble. A brief idea of what happened today:

Ryan and Andrew M.: "We added on the exhaust system and aircon system of PVC pipe, so that the batteries can keep cool. Rhys had to do a couple of laps of the track and reached 70 km/h. We refined a couple of parts for scrutineering, including buying a horn, among many things, and finally passed it after about 4 hours. There were no problems.

The car weighed 260kg, which was about average weight, despite the tank like look it has. The lightest car was about 160kg, while the heaviest was 380kg. The heaviest was initially 450kg, but they managed to lose 70kg in 2 days."

To finish off the day, Doug managed to get us into Zone 3, which is the equal to Dark Zone. He designed the software from 1992 to 2002, so he was able to get us in for free. It was pretty exciting, but of course Doug reigned supreme. He won quite convincingly, as he had quite a bit of experience, but it just meant we took quite a bit of pleasure in shooting him even once.

When it was over, we all headed back to the apartment at about 9:30. Most of us went for a swim, with a few exceptions. We got kicked out slightly early though, as we were rather rowdy while trying to play grid-iron in the pool. So ended Day 4 of our 15 day trip from Darwin to Adelaide.

By Curtis Brand (Year 11).

Quote on Scrutineering by Ryan Richardson (Year 10) and Andrew Morrison (Year 12)