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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Leeming SHS: Willetton Has Arrived

We finally had a chance to catch up with Willetton last night.

Darren, Chris Booth (Principal) and two students, sorry guys I can't remember your names, made it to Parliment House for the official welcome. I managed to get the Chief Minister The Hon. Claire Martin into a picture to pose with the "WA Contingent." should be up on a couple of sites today.

Darren had a minor problem just prior to scrutineering i.e the brake caliper had siezed leaving them with no brakes. I believe he managed to get it sorted though.

I believe that the Willetton Team team totals about 21 and have I think three vehicles. We'll try to keep in contact with them as much as possible during the challeneg and post updates when we can.

Well about to head off to stability and brake testing.

Look forward to posting more later.

John Beattie

Team Manager

Leeming Senior High School
Solar Car Team.