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Saturday, October 20, 2007

SolarFox: SolarFox qualifies for WSC

Scrutineering is the process of assessing the safety of the vehicle, and also ensures that the vehicle satisfies the racing regulations for the Challenge class. Friday morning saw SolarFox first in the queue for the organiser's fastidious assessment of the cars structure, electrical safety and crash worthiness. Major rework could have removed the team from the competition, but thanks to continuous attention to detail through design and manufacture, the only thing required to secure the car's entry was an additional pinch bolt on the steering system. Relieved, the team collected their Australian license plate - the first to do so for WSC 2007.

Next came the dynamic test, to establish the relative performance of the cars and determine in what sequence they should start - to avoid excessive overtaking out of Darwin. Again, team SolarFox demonstrated their eagreness and were first on the track laying down the gauntlet to the other teams with a scorching average speed for a lap of the Darwin test track of 65.61km/h - set by the team's Michael Schumacher - Alexander Karyotakis. This eventually placed the car 17th out of the total field of 38 vehicles, qualifying above many of the adventure class vehicles which have both larger solar arrays and more streamlined aerodynamics.