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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Michigan: One last day of testing...

To test and validate some recent alterations to Continuum, the race crew completed one last day of testing on the Stuart highway last Thursday before heading up to Darwin. Testing ran on the northernmost stretch of the Stuart Highway in South Australia, allowing us enough road to simulate a full race day on a portion of the final race course.

Above: view of Continuum from Holden Captiva chase vehicle

Thanks to higher caravan speeds chosen by strategy and higher performance numbers from Continuum, testing ran significantly quicker than what we saw during mock race. The day ended earlier than expected, with higher average speeds than expected, and with more power remaining than expected.

Above: campsite in Australian Outback

Last Thursday was a fitting conclusion to our months of work with Continuum on the road. As is seen with most solar car teams, days of testing are invariably broken up with unexpected problems, unexplained noises, flat tires, or loose connectors. After more than 2,000 miles on the road, our last day of testing showed us what Continuum is truly capable of.

Go Blue!