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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Nuon: Nuon Solar Team places third in class for start tomorrow

The Nuna4 placed a time 1.08 seconds behind pole position to be placed third in line in its class for the start tomorrow morning. First in line out of the challenge class for departure is Umicore's Umicar Infinity, while Aurora's Aurora 101 will be placed second. The team is very pleased with this time, and represents a new record in qualifying placement for Nunas. Other teams had extensive track time and weeks of practicing at Hidden Valley Race Track, making Nuna's placement within almost a second of the leading cars all the more remarkable with only 7 practice laps.

Scherpe kwalificatietijd voor Nuna4

Nuna4 coureur Oliver van der Meer verovert de 3de startpositie tijdens de kwalificatie voor de World Solar Challenge 2007 op "Hidden Valley Race Track"

The race regulations stipulate that cars will be dispensed after the pole position in 1 minute intervals. Nuna has 4 cars ahead of her (two cars, TIGA (1st overall) and Aurum (4th overall) respectively) which means she will be allowed to leave the gates at exactly 8:04 a.m.. This also provides a significant strategic advantage as the first 10 stop lights have been placed on green for exactly 10 minutes after the 8:00 a.m. start.

The team is ready to go, and excited about the race. We would like to wish our competitors a very safe and trouble free journey, thank the unwavering support of our sponsors, and the valued support of our fans. For the fans back in Holland, the first race episode will aire on RTL 7 tonight at 20:10.

For rest... winner buys in Adelaide! ...(So for the ABN AMRO, please raise our credit card limit!!)