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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

SolarFox: Reportage from the track

Further testing has been carried out in Darwin this week. A handling problem caused by damage to the steering knuckles during transportation resulted in severe wear to the tyres. Whilst the problem is now resolved thanks to some nifty realignment work by John and Ray, the severe wear has degraded our race stock of tyres, so now we are trying to find a few spares. Thanks to team member Dave, we have a video showing the team working in the garage at Hidden Valley:

Endurance testing has been undertaken at the track, to see how the team handle the local weather and so far an hour squashed into the solar oven has been accomplished without much complaint. In the meantime, speeds have been cranked up to break the significant 100km/h barrier.

Whilst that isn't the speed achieved in this video, it does show how the beautifully designed chassis handles the bends at Hidden Valley, what a pity the Stuart Highway is so straight...