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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

UNSW: 5 Days to Go

Today’s events focused around the official scrutineering of the car to ensure that all the regulations of the race had been satisfied. The mechanical and electrical systems are required to comply with safety standards to ensure a safe trip from Darwin to Adelaide and also place the car in the appropriate racing category. The morning was spent completing the tasks that had been the focus of most of the week. The rear vision camera and screen were mounted and indicators and brake lights were double checked. Konny’s upper and lower spats enclosing the wheels, and the fillets that sit neatly above them, fit beautifully creating a tight aerodynamic base to the car keeping any wind from entering the main body. This has the potential of saving a significant amount of power.

One o’clock saw the team loading the car into the trailer and heading off to the scrutineering hall with high nerves. After two and a half hours of inspection we walked away with smiles on our faces and a couple of bags of ballast to bring our lighter drivers up to weight. The car and team has been officially entered into the Adventure Class two seater category for the 2007 Panasonic World Solar Challenge. To celebrate the success and hard work the team was given the rest of the afternoon off. People went their separate ways washing clothes, wandering around Darwin, stocking up on junk food and swimming in the pool at our accommodation. The team rejoined for a hearty dinner at the Hogs Breath and not wanting to waste a thing Ken took one for the team finishing off the ice-cream dessert.

Sunswift at Scrutineering

newspics/Ken and the Icecream Bowl-1192783809.JPG
Ken and the Icecream bowl