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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Michigan: Some Pictures

While the car and some of our crew is in Melbourne doing wind tunnel testing, the rest of us have had a tad bit of down time here in Adelaide. I've finally gotten a chance to sift through the 800+ photos I've taken so far while here and have decided to share a glimpse of what I've captured.

Above: The plane we took from Los Angeles to Melbourne.

Above: A view of downtown Melbourne from the pier.

Above: My first time driving on the other side of the car and on the other side of the road. To make things more difficult, it just had to be overcast and rainy.

Above: Camels at a market in Melbourne.

Above: A view of our semi trailer parked outside of Prince Alfred College.

Above: Stereotypical Australian trees.

Above: One of the many signs along the Stuart Highway in the Outback.

Above: Richard removing a dead kangaroo from the road (the scout car's job is to clear the road of debris).

Above: The red dirt of the Outback.

Above: Camp one night.

Above: A road train passing us. This oil carrier was the largest road train we encountered.

Above: One of the rather direct signs reminding you to rest while driving through the Outback.

Above: Our cars also reminded us to rest if we were driving too long.

Above: Typical Outback scenery.

Above: Australian sunset.

--Deanna O'Clair