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Sunday, October 14, 2007

TAFE SA: Sunday October 14th - DAY 2

Another late start, we are still getting used to the routine of packing up quickly in the morning and getting breakfast out of the way by 7am.
Another long day with 840 km to cover brought us to Ti Tree 200 km north of Alice Springs, with some of the group taking a detour to the Breakaways just out of Coober Pedy for a bit of sightseeing. We saw a lot of the local wildlife along the road, some having had less fortunate encounters with the passing traffic than others. One of our drivers was rather startled when a ‘roo decided to crash into him, doing slight damage to the side of the car.
We arrived in Ti Tree around 7pm and had another late tea before a relatively early night.
One of our team members celebrated his birthday today and some of the younger members of the crew celebrated it enthusiastically.