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Sunday, October 14, 2007

UNSW: 7 Days to Go

After a week on the road the team has become conditioned to the impossible, be up and going before 6am. Today completed the end of the 3800km epic journey to Darwin spanning seven days, three states, two time zones and one altercation with the locals in Mount Isa. The worst that has happened to date is another chip on a tiring windscreen on our lead vehicle. Mataranka provided the opportunity for a famous Mataranka pie for ‘morning tea’ (at 9am) with most of the team realising that ‘sharing’ was the only way these feats of meat and pastry would be finished. Clara, proved to be as adept behind the still camera managing to sell the team’s favourite iced coffee and landmark pie.

The final 500km highlighted the diversity of the Australian landscape as red earth transformed into blackboys, small eucalyptus trees and sporadic creek beds full of carved granite rocks and the iconic termite mounds of the north littering the landscape. Despite the regulations suggesting that Hidden Valley race track would be closed on Sunday, the race track proved to have a number of teams on hand both unpacking and beginning to test their vehicles. We unloaded into our new home, a garage we are sharing with the Ashiya a professional looking Japanese team which no doubt we will be getting to know in the coming days.

newspics/Meat Pie and Farmers Union-1192417510.JPG
Farmers Union and Ice Coffee

newspics/Our New Home-1192417512.JPG
Our New Home