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Monday, October 15, 2007

UNSW: 6 Days to Go

Today was the team's first full day at the Hidden Valley race track and the beginning of one final week of work to bring two years of planning and effort into fruition. Jaycar Sunswift III is having the final touches applied for the impending Panasonic World Solar Challenge. The team made use of the race track early in the day to become accustomed with the layout and camber of the corners. The past twelve months of work on the mechanical systems proved successful as Jaycar Sunswift III successfully handled the sharpest corners it is ever likely to encounter. All the drivers commented on the superb handling and this was demonstrated when the teams support vehicle couldn't keep up through the corners. The team also made an assessment on the brake test which should be passed easily. Quite simply, in the words of one of the drivers "Jaycar Sunswift III is exciting to drive".

On the track the electrical team tested the telemetry and wireless access point from the control vehicle. Both demonstrated the reliability required for the race as a result of work done since the last testing run. Currently the electrical team is working on the rear vision system for the solar car which will be tested and installed before scrutineering later this week. The team has now made themselves at home in bay 22 of the Hidden Valley race track with the acquisition and installation of flags above our garage. If you are in the area, why not drop down and see us during the week?

newspics/Test Run-1192575016.jpg
Yael on a Test Run

newspics/Garage with flags-1192575017.jpg
Garage 22 with Flags