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Saturday, October 13, 2007

UNSW: 8 Days to Go

With the biennial ladies night at Barkly Homestead today we decided to leave the campsite early before it was inundated with Northern Territory girls. Most of the day was spent building up Yael and Smithy’s driver hours in the solar car while the fleet became familiar with radio and formation protocol. Roadside operations including control stops and wheel and tire changes were drilled in an attempt to get them going smoothly. It was a long day with many stops and starts and everyone was exhausted when we finally arrived in Elliot, a town with a population of 432 on the Stuart Highway. There was a great bloke helping to run the little caravan park behind the pub where we stayed, he was interested in the solar car and what we were up to and informed us of random facts like the Japanese team had been through that afternoon and stopped for eight burgers with the lot. Tomorrow we plan to leave early for Darwin to arrive in Hidden Valley on schedule.

newspics/Packing Trailer-1192339018.JPG
Packing Trailer

newspics/Testing Barkly-1192339028.JPG
Testing near Barkly