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Friday, October 12, 2007

UNSW: 9 Days to Go

After an early start to prepare our morning routine for race procedure we took to the road for our first test run. The test was cut short by issues with the wheel motor which was having difficulties with the load so we returned to Barkly Homestead for another solid days work.

Despite the heat and flies the electrical team took over the cooking shed once again, mechanical set up in the trailer and the two old boys had a nap.
After a successful adaptation to the wheel motor we had a few hours on the road in the late afternoon with all four drivers having a test run in the car before packing up at sunset and heading back for an widely renowned Barkly burger at the pub.

newspics/Jack and Arthur-1192338825.JPG
Jack and Arthur

newspics/Packing up solar car at sunset-1192338825.JPG
Packing up the solar car