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Sunday, October 21, 2007

EOS: Schoolgirls drive their hybrid car from Darwin to Katherine

Here is today's news about Annesley College's EOS Project: the all-schoolgirl team driving their creation - an electric/petrol hybrid Holden Viva - in the Panasonic World Solar Challenge, an event that began in Darwin today and finishes in Adelaide on Saturday.

The Greenfleet Class showcases fuel efficient technologies and low carbon fuels… practical transport technologies of tomorrow.

Annesley is the only all-female team to enter the Challenge. Mortgage Choice is the proud sponsor of their EOS Project, nicknamed 'Lissie'.

TODAY: Sunday October 21 – Darwin to Katherine

Girls just wanna have fun... and help the environment while doing so!
After many months of preparation, a team of 10 students from Annesley College set off from Darwin's State Square, waved off by thousands of onlookers, friends and family.

Lissie ran like a dream for each of the girls who drove, and the whole team was impressed with her petrol and electric consumption (expertly managed by each driver and navigator). The five drivers and their navigators took turns traversing the 300km from Darwin to Katherine, stopping every 60km or so to make the switch. CB radios crackled constantly between Lissie and Annesley's three support cars, ensuring the trip was safe for the team and for other drivers on the road.

Along the way, the girls encountered what will be the biggest hill of the entire trip and keenly observed the ochre, brown and green landscape. They saw plenty of new growth sprouting up from recent fires and many termite nests, as well as eagles and other birds... and even some wandering Brahman cattle.

Jemma Matthews, today's first driver of Lissie, had this to say:

"I had so much fun tooting the horn as we were driving out of State Square. I was ultra proud to be driving Lissie. It was great to see a surprising number of people there and plenty waved us as we drove out, past the Challenge flag.

"Driving in Lissie on a real road was a little nerve-wracking, even thought I'd driven her quite a bit around the race track over the last few days. At the start, I was thinking 'please don't stall… don't stall!' but then the nerves faded and we were on our way.

"We experimented a bit with the electrics and gears, and it all went well. We were totally happy with the way she drove. I had such a fun time, it was amazing. I am looking forward to the next stretch!"

The Annesley team heads to Tennant Creek tomorrow (approx. 700km away), with the petrol consumption check and fill up starting at 6:45am.

TENNANT CREEK PUBLIC DISPLAY: 3pm at the Civic Hall in Peko Road, Tennant Creek.

Enquiries to Kristy Sheppard (Mortgage Choice) - 0407 450 860 OR Peter Gubbins (Annesley College) - 0422 231 437**

** Note: Kristy and Peter are part of the girls' support team and will endeavour to return all calls within 24 hours but there may be occasions when the mobiles are out of range. We appreciate your patience.

Warm Regards

Kristy Sheppard