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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

SolarFox: Goes Trucking

After a decompressor failure at Heathrow led to SolarFox holding up and then missing the Thursday night flight, nerves were calmed with the news that the box had been successfully delivered to Melbourne last weekend.

Despite the wariness with which any country's customs officials now view imports from the UK, SolarFox was deemed not to be a carrier of Blue Tongue or Foot and Mouth, and allowed through quarantine without too much delay. The box is now travelling north on the back of a truck hoping to set a new record for the non-solar-powered-truck transit of Australia, and should join the team who are now installed in their luxury Darwin accommodation by Friday 12th October.

In the meantime, the team can do nothing but try and keep cool in their new climate, whilst trying not to eat so much ice cream they no longer qualify below the 80kg min weight driver limit.