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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

UNSW: 12 days to go

Monday night we stayed in Charleville caravan park. During dinner it had been raining intermittently, so there was some debate as to whether to stay under cover or not. Fortunately we chose undercover, and about half an hour later we were in the middle of our first summer thunderstorm, - It was raining too hard to see more than a few metres in front of us, and the lightning struck across the road from the caravan park. It was absolutely beautiful.

Tuesday we drove the furthest yet - 916km to McKinlay. The trip included a media interview in Longreach. Enjoying dinner by our master cook, we watched a storm approach, and smelt the smell before rain. Fortunately or unfortunately, the storm missed us, and we met mosquitoes for the first time. The record for the night was 87 bites on one arm. We are definitley in outback Australia...

newspics/Day 3 and 4 068-1192016905.jpg
Dinner at Charleville

newspics/Day 3 and 4 080-1192016917.jpg
Jaycar Sunswift III in Longreach