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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

UNSW: 5 Days to Go

Today saw the team ‘complete’ for the first time since leaving Sydney with Ken joining us at 1:30am in the morning. Ken’s background is working with both Queen’s University and the University of Western Montario solar car teams. We had Ken up at 6:30am and down at the workshop before 7:30am, a real veteran. Our second day was focussed on preparing the car for scrutineering. The mechanical team worked on the installation of the spats and fillets (wheel covers to improve aerodynamics). The electrical team continued work on rear vision for the driver, balancing the battery pack and as with every race, working on the trackers (devices that control the power from the solar panels to the battery pack).

The team was surprised to learn late in the day that scrutineering will take place on Wednesday afternoon. As a result, they headed back to the workshop for a late night to prepare the car. Ironically, the only item not likely to be ready for scrutineering is the only hired support car which needs its idle pulley bearing replaced and is currently in for service. One of the less well known aspects of having a solar car run on open road is the requirement to have a VIN (vehicle identification number). As the team was leaving the workshop for dinner, the VIN plate was secured to the car, we’ll release a photo of the VIN plate in our next update.in our next update.

newspics/Ken working on the Batteries in the Garage-1192575648.jpg
Ken Working on the Batteries

newspics/Konnie fitting Spats-1192575649.jpg
Konny Fitting Spats