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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Michigan: Arriving at Prince Alfred College!

Hey Everyone!!

The entire Team was once again brought together at the Cannon Street Backpackers (where we will be staying until we travel to Darwin mid-October) after the last group arrived in Melbourne yesterday afternoon. After a good night's sleep we all drove to the Prince Alfred College to begin our first day of work down under. Our Team was provided with an amazing fleet of cars from Holden which allow us all to travel together with luggage and all. These are also the vehicles that will be used throughout the race. Once we arrived at the college, we spent most of the day setting up our work area and emptying out the crate and semi trailer.

The work area provided for us is great and everyone we meet is always interested in hearing about our Team and helping out anyway they can. The school that we are staying at actually competes in a Solar Cycle competition each year. It's amazing to see how close the final body of their High School Team's bike is to final body of our car.

Everything in the crate and semi was shipped safe and soundly from the U.S. and was cleared though customs without any problems. Unfortunately after unloading the crate and organizing the semi, we found a few items that were left behind. Thankfully, our home-operations Team is able and ready to find and ship everything that we're missing.

Thanks for reading, be sure to look for more updates later this week and feel free to post your own comments and questions if you have any!!!