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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Leeming Hammerhead Rolls

It's been a long time coming but the Hammerhead rolls,

About 4:00pm hammerhead took a wee but successful first drive down the drive way at school.

She feels good to drive, handles well, smooth acceleration and all the numbers seem to be adding up.

The tritium controller worked its magic with our wheel motor and talked to our PC no problems.

We ran the car on the NiMh batts from 2005. Only using 2 of the three banks we have patched them into the bus and the trackers charged them no probs. Although the trackers are set ton only a 5% float for li pol they will still charge the NiMH no probs, we had to knock off 12 cells to bring them down to 103V nominal which it what the Li Pol pack is set to.

Doug came in and finished joining the bypass diodes and then worked with Richard and Chris treen to get the LiPOL BMS system up and running thank guys. John Treen in the mean time is working on a fancy telemetry system that will interface with the original Sungroper Telemetry, which we duplicated in 2005, and will give us the data from the motor controller and battery management system. John Plans to use wireless network access point and usb wireless sender receiver attached to a fancy small low power consumption ARM board which he got form the US, for sending data,(its all magic to me) initial tests give reasonable results but having taught John I know he won't stop till he gets it just right.

Well tomorrow we'll all be at it again getting the car ready to head off for Darwin on Tuesday, then a small break, I hope, before We start to plan for heading off ourselves.

--John Beattie