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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Michigan: Mock Race Update 2

Today the sun rose at 6:20 in the morning. Every night here is freezing cold because there isn’t anything to hold on to the heat extreme heat during the day. Meanwhile, at night the moon is bright enough to work on the car or to play games without any additional light. Last night Ann Marie made us an amazing meal of fish and fettuccini alfredo which was a great way to finish a long day of racing.

The array is currently lifted above everything on the lift gate of the semi trailer. This is the 5th day of the mock race and unlike other days we will be doing roll down testing all day at the Emergency Medical Directors track. This will allow the Strategy Division to get some of the final data that they need to model Continuum. So far the jagged roads of Australia have caused 5 front tire flats. We have been doing a potential problem analysis - using Kepner Tregoe processes. From this we hope to figure out a way to change tires faster and to prevent these flats altogether. Fortunately, thanks to Michelin we have plenty of extra tires to solve this problem.

Currently there are only 700km remaining in the 2,500km mock race. We are 150 km south of Coober Pedy – the opal mining capital of the world. Look for more detailed updates in a few days when we return to Adelaide tomorrow evening!

--Brian Ignaut