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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Michigan: Route Survey - Day 9

From Pimba it's only an hour or so to Port Augusta, the final control stop. I see a strange bald man poking around the car. Turns out it's Mike. Fields of winter wheat on both sides of the road, with some nice rolling hills. They look sort of like the default desktop background in Windows XP. Nice view of the Spencer Gulf. Hills will be tricky for the solar car (Momentum ran out of juice in this area in 2005). See an interesting waterway colored pink from the salts. Actually see some civilization on the road every now and then. We're back in Adelaide in the afternoon with time for some food and a visit to Bob's. Back to the hostel where we unexpectedly meet a nice group of guys from Solar Car Team Twente, a Dutch solar car team that is very much cooler in every way than Nuon. They promise to meet us again in Darwin. Off to bed, where we are awoken around 3 AM by the rest of the team arriving.

--Garrick Williams